With so many ongoing initiatives requiring attention today, it’s difficult to keep up with new work being added to your portfolio.

Most organizations have a number of industry and regulatory compliance obligations that they must adhere to, all of which can impact their corporate reputation and bottom lines. In addition, the growing number of domestic and global data privacy laws – such as CCPA and GDPR –  further complicates organizational risk challenges. Layer 8 Security can provide the clarity and boost your organization’s confidence regarding compliance related to regulatory risk and the ability to manage change.

We can assist with the development and ongoing management of a program to address your data security and privacy risk needs. This includes a host of services tailored to your organization, which are normally acquired through the full-time employment of an entire management team, including but not limited to Executive-level risk management advisory and management of a comprehensive security and compliance lifecycle program.

Layer 8 Security utilizes a forward-thinking methodology that integrates Security and Privacy by Design in to your system lifecycle process, including a maturity a model that will adapt over time to your changing environment.

Layer 8 Security has the background and experience necessary to manage large-scale global programs of diverse nature. We can help your enterprise execute on programs or establish and maintain a portfolio process to enable prioritization and a focus on the right things at the right time.

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