Our Security Architecture Review equips you with actions to secure and protect the organization, taking into consideration business objectives and challenges. The Security Architecture Review, conducted in three sessions, yields high-level insights into your current posture and provides future state recommendations driving you toward a more secure, resilient posture.

Session 1: As-Is Review

Layer 8 Security leads a collaborative session with your leadership and its IT stakeholders to collect details on your current technology, architecture, policies, practices, and business initiatives. This session aligns on your current state challenges and weaknesses.

Focus areas will include:
  • Your business model and IT environment
  • Your technology and network architecture
  • Your known risks and compliance obligations
Session 2: Envisioning

You and Layer 8 Security use visioning and brainstorming techniques to collaboratively explore key functions and capabilities to improve the security posture. We will identify critical success factors and propose technology and/or human solutions to be used as inputs for the subsequent Action Planning Session.

Envisioning will focus on defining your desired ‘future state’ from both a business processes and technological perspective, evaluating solutions which may include:
  • Key functions and capabilities
  • Components of the solution(s)
  • External connections and integration points
  • Map your requirements and scenarios to components
Session 3: Action Planning
Layer 8 Security presents our findings to your leadership and IT stakeholders, along with an Executive Report which includes:
  • Executive Summary
  • Architectural review and summary of Layer 8 Security’s recommendations
  • Prioritized recommendations to improve security and reduce risk

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