A proven solution to prevent, detect and remediate threats to your organization.

Security doesn’t need to be expensive. For less than the cost of an on-premise Security Information and Event Manager (SIEM), get the integrated SIEM and US-based Security Operations Center (SOC) that marries the technology and alerting with the security staff to manage it. Leave the burden of setup, configuration, maintenance 
and monitoring to a dedicated team. Anything that generates a log, on devices and through the cloud, can be monitored 24×7 by expert analysts.

Log Filtration Example

A Strong SOC Relies on the Technology, as well as the People and Process Behind It.

  • Behind the technology is a team of security professionals, dedicated to protecting your network.
  • Successfully coupled with a proven process for prevention, detection, and remediation.

Extensive Monitoring Capabilities

  • Real Time Alerting: Identifying threats, while ensuring key personnel are notified.
  • Log Collection and Correlation: All asset log information is captured, processed and stored.
  • Forensic Archival: For storage and compliance
  • Custom Alarms & Dashboard: Get notified about the events that are important to you.

Practical Business Tool

  • Security Reports: View reports on all events on your network.
  • Simple Deployment: Professional security experts will help manage the process.
  • Flexible Pricing: Cost based on log sources monitored, not events recorded or device type.
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