Isn’t it time to reduce time of recovery and costs of breaches? With the growing increase of digital estates, it also brings an increase in volume and types of cyberattacks.

Noticing the increase of cyber attackers, companies are starting to use more forward security information and event manager (SIEM) platforms versus out-of-date, traditional SIEM to stay more secure.

Having a forward SIEM is more than just a compliance need — it’s an investigative tool that provides better protections and can capture the threat faster than ever before. In return, you understand your environment and know what is happening at all times allowing for a rapid investigation if a breach occurs.

Security doesn’t need to be expensive

For less than the cost of an on-premises SIEM, get the integrated SIEM and US-based Security Operations Center (SOC) that marries the technology and alerting with the security staff to manage it. Leave the burden of setup, configuration, maintenance, and monitoring to a dedicated team. Anything that generates a log on devices and through the cloud can be monitored 24×7 by expert analysts.

A strong SOC relies on the technology, as well as the people and process behind it—a team of Layer 8 Security defensive professionals dedicated to protecting your network.
Extensive Monitoring Capabilities
  • Real Time Alerting. Identifying threats while ensuring key personnel are notified.
  • Log Collection and Correlation. All asset log information is captured, processed and stored.
  • Forensic Archival. For storage and compliance.
  • Custom Alerts and Dashboard. Get notified about the events important to you.
Practical Business Tool
  • Security Reports. View reports on all events on your network.
  • Simple Deployment. Our defensive security professionals help manage the process.
  • Flexible Pricing. Cost based on log sources monitored, not events recorded or device type.

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