How do you know your Incident Response plans are effective? How will your employees make decisions when the company’s welfare is on the line?

It’s time to find out. Layer 8 Security is equipped to test companies of all sizes and industries.

Incident Response plans are critical components of any organization’s information security posture. Almost all industry-specific regulatory bodies make it required for businesses to create IR and DR plans – some go even further in requiring that these plans undergo annual testing to ensure their efficacy.

If your organization does not have an Incident Response plan, Layer 8 Security can work with you team to compose this plan that appropriately fit your organization’s operations and strategic goals.

Transition from creating the plan to testing it

Once your incident response plan is created, Layer 8 Security sits down with your key stakeholders in a tabletop exercise to test the plan by using realistic simulations applicable to the business.

The tabletop exercise begins by evaluating the various threat vectors most likely to attack your company and the responses needed to ensure the disaster recovery and incident response plan is effective. Until they happen, disaster plans are largely theoretical … “what will happen if…?” It is important to pose regular, realistic scenarios to test your people, their processes, and ultimately to ensure the plans work.

The Tabletop Exercise Will Include:

  • A verbal walkthrough of the adversarial scenarios, with your company defending and responding to threat vectors
  • Employees voicing their concerns around information security and incident response
  • The creation of more fluid business operations while maintaining a secure environment

At the completion of the tabletop exercise your company will have a report that documents the company’s situational awareness and readiness to react to information security threats, as well as recommended measures to mitigate any identified vulnerabilities or areas of improvement. This document can be presented to any legal, regulatory or third-parties of which compliance with their policies is required.

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