Ongoing Cybersecurity Management and Support Services is an ongoing monthly subscription model where Layer 8 Security maintains a relationship as the outsourced Chief Information Security Officer. In this CISO model, Layer 8 Security serves at the strategic and tactical levels to support the business by setting up and managing their Cyber Risk Management Program. Layer 8 Security serves in an open consulting capacity.


  • Vendor and Third-party management
  • Compliance Updates and advisory

Our clients work with us in this manner because most businesses don’t have the resources to hire a traditional CISO, or the team and infrastructure that go along with them.

Layer 8 Security Virtual CISO gives you the resources of an entire security team and technology suite, not just one CISO.

Layer 8 Security will assist with the development and ongoing management of a robust cybersecurity program which includes a host of services, typically acquired through the employment of a cybersecurity team, including executive-level risk management and advisory, management of a comprehensive information security awareness program. Additionally, Layer 8 Security works with your team to strengthen and make the processes, software, and tools more effective and efficient. In this capacity we should be utilized and viewed as a collaborative member of the team.

Vendor and Third Party Management

In today’s corporate environment businesses are being asked to sign Business Associate Agreements (BAAs), Security Addendums, and other contracts that require a strict adherence to cybersecurity frameworks.

Where do you fit in this ecosystem?

  • Customer and prospect contract compliance review
  • Budget Advisory
  • Sign Business Associate Agreements
  • Access to our Legal & Regulatory Expert and General Counsel

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