Apr 29 2016

Speeding Ticket Spear Phishing

There is a new email scam that hits close to home: fake speeding tickets! The Spear Phishing email appears to be a speeding ticket. Several people in Tredyffrin Township, Pennsylvania received the emails which appeared to be from a local police department. The email contained accurate driving information: date and time, speed, license number, street address. Even more frightening, the drivers were actually speeding on the date and time listed in the email. The email demands payment through an attached link. There is no apparatus for payment, instead the link downloads malware onto the user’s computer.




Authorities suspect the accurate information is being obtained through a traffic app which tracks a smart phone’s GPS data. It is believed the hacker was able to exploit a security flaw. It is still unclear how the app is able to access this data.


Traffic citations are not sent electronically.


To avoid downloading malware, ransomware or other malicious software do not open a suspicious email. Preview the email in a reading pane. Hover the cursor over the sender’s information to obtain the actual email address. If the sender’s name and address do not match, delete the email.