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What’s the deal with LifeLock?

I often get questions from friends and family about LifeLock, an identity theft protection service - what it's all about, whether I use it (I don't), how effective the LifeLock services are, etc. Ironically, about a week and a half ago, LifeLock agreed to pay $100 million (see here) for allegedly breaching a FTC order by: "Failing to establish and maintain a comprehensive security program to protect its customers' sensitive personal information, including Credit Card, Social Security, and bank account [...]

Anti-virus Is Not Enough

It used to be, when you bought a new computer for home or deployed a new machine in an office environment, the only security commonly deployed was an anti-virus package. You had your choice of any number of the popular vendor offerings, as the big dogs were all too eager to bundle their software with a PC builder’s machine to get a foothold. McAfee, Norton and Symantec were quite prevalent, and the yearly subscriptions became the norm. And these and [...]

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Balancing BYOD

It’s becoming one of the buzz words, if it hasn’t already. BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, is something that many companies are dealing with more and more. In some instances, it’s a question of whether or not you will permit an employees own device to have access on your network. In others, the company either requires you or allows you to BYOD rather than providing a corporate cell phone. So what can it all mean for you? As someone [...]

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