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Layer 8 Security Presents at Rittenhouse Ventures’ Technology Leaders Forum

PRESS RELEASE Contact: Kat Jimenez, Sales and Marketing Assistant February 9, 2016 - The Navy Yard, Pennsylvania - Layer 8 Security presented at the inaugural Technology Leaders Forum hosted by Rittenhouse Ventures at their headquarters in Philadelphia. Chief Technology Officers and senior leaders within the Rittenhouse Ventures portfolio of companies attended the event to discuss the challenges and opportunities relating to technology. Following the theme of the forum, Layer 8 Security spoke about Data Security and covered the following [...]

What’s the deal with LifeLock?

I often get questions from friends and family about LifeLock, an identity theft protection service - what it's all about, whether I use it (I don't), how effective the LifeLock services are, etc. Ironically, about a week and a half ago, LifeLock agreed to pay $100 million (see here) for allegedly breaching a FTC order by: "Failing to establish and maintain a comprehensive security program to protect its customers' sensitive personal information, including Credit Card, Social Security, and bank account [...]

A Sign of What’s to Come – Reporting Cyber Vulnerabilities

This appears to be a sign of what’s to come, both for how companies view and report cyber vulnerabilities. The first step for every entity is to get an information security risk assessment (which of course we would encourage) but the reality is that whether you act or not there is new legislation on the horizon, new rules for third party vendors and a “New Normal” for the way business is done. Here is an excellent example, courtesy of the SEC.  Read [...]