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Providing Cybersecurity Training to Ultra High Net Worth Executives

On December 6th, Kevin Hyde, Managing Director of Layer 8 Security was the guest lecturer at UBS Financial Services Inc.’s ultra high net worth individual meeting on cybersecurity. Kevin provided practical security training to using scenarios executives can imagine themselves in as they encounter their work and personal lives. The training detailed the nature of the current threat landscape, ways in which attackers gather information on targets, and the different methods used to exploit this information. Executives were also given [...]

Layer 8 Security Presents at Rittenhouse Ventures’ Technology Leaders Forum

PRESS RELEASE Contact: Kat Jimenez, Sales and Marketing Assistant February 9, 2016 - The Navy Yard, Pennsylvania - Layer 8 Security presented at the inaugural Technology Leaders Forum hosted by Rittenhouse Ventures at their headquarters in Philadelphia. Chief Technology Officers and senior leaders within the Rittenhouse Ventures portfolio of companies attended the event to discuss the challenges and opportunities relating to technology. Following the theme of the forum, Layer 8 Security spoke about Data Security and covered the following [...]

Long Awaited Cybersecurity Bill – CISA 2015

The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) of 2015 recently became law before the new year. The proposal, while controversial, has evolved into what amounts to Congress’s first major policy response to cyber attacks that have hit Target, Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase, and Sony Pictures, as well as government agencies. Information-sharing legislation has failed in Congress for years amid privacy advocates’ concerns about broadening the surveillance of U.S. citizens by giving more data to the National Security Agency, the government’s electronic surveillance department.  The privacy [...]

Protecting Our Seniors from Scams: The Importance of Education and Awareness

Recently, a friend of mine called me with a problem: his elderly father in law that was living with him had his bank account hacked; nearly $10,000 had been stolen. Could we help? We couldn't retrieve the money, but we did take a look at his father's laptop. Sure enough, it was rife with malware and a key-logger had gotten his bank credentials. Unfortunately, our seniors are vulnerable to scams. These come both in the form of phishing emails or, [...]

Layer 8 Security and Expert Technology Associates – A New Partnership

Layer 8 Security is pleased to announce its newly established partnership with Expert Technology Associates (ETA). ETA is an award winning provider of Business Communications, Cloud, and Connectivity Solutions. Layer 8 Security partnered with ETA to further enhance its expertise in providing in-depth information security analysis and consulting to clients around the country. While people are the first line of defense against information security attacks, the technology businesses rely on to operate must be configured and protected to best meet their strategic [...]

New E-mail Extortion Campaigns Threatening DDoS Attacks

A warning to our clients and those concerned with the latest cybersecurity threats.  The FBI has issued an Extortion email PSA stating that there has been an exponential jump in the number of extortion threats sent via email to businesses of all sizes.  The threat involves the launching of DDoS attacks against a victim’s website unless or until a ransom is paid. This type of attack has been around for years, however they have recently grown in size, impact, and duration.  DDoS (Distributed [...]

The Non-Giggle-Factor about the Ashley Madison Breach

  There is a giggle factor to the thought that 37 million people who proactively search out affairs could be exposed. However… once the giggle factor is gone, the truth is that this company was about to go public. Regardless of the direction your moral compass points, the sad fact is that a lot of people are about to lose a lot of money, sweat equity and potential wealth because they didn’t protect their platform and their company with proactive [...]

Inspecting Cyber Events Of July 8

By now, you've probably seen and heard a wealth of coverage pertaining to the cyber events that took place on July 8, 2015 and are known to have impacted the New York Stock Exchange and United Airlines, at the very least. Many people are reading of the reports and hearing one of two scenarios-these were very large and debilitating glitches-albeit oddly coincidental. Or that these were orchestrated attacks that could be part of a larger-scale cyber war. We know at [...]

Layer 8 Security Providing Insights to Local Manufacturers

PRESS RELEASE Contact: Casey Lipson, Sales and Marketing Coordinator June 24, 2015 Exton, Pennsylvania - Kevin Hyde, Managing Director of Layer 8 Security, participated as a cybersecurity expert panelist at the Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce's Manufacturing Alliance Forum on June 18, 2015 at the Keystone Industrial Park in Fairless Hills, PA. Attendees learned about current and upcoming trends in the manufacturing industry from expert panelists regarding employee training practices, financing, and cybersecurity. "Manufacturing is one of our [...]

Can A Good Defense Include…Offense?

When defending one's network resources, things like firewalls and other security appliances are envisioned. Putting walls up, both physical and virtual, to keep the bad guys out-that's the name of the game, right? What if it wasn't? People, and businesses, are hacked with regularity. Some hacks are harmless, some random person just probing things but without malicious intent. Others are testing and probing defenses, searching for a soft spot to exploit. And sometimes, you get the Sony hack that we've [...]