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You Are Only As Secure As Your Weakest Link

And, would you care to guess who your weakest link is, in terms of maintaining good security? According to a recent study, those folks most often tasked with keeping things secure for the enterprise, are also actually the ones most likely to cut corners themselves. When I saw that, I initially wanted to be stubborn and deny it was possible. But after a quick thought, I realized it was more than likely spot on. Think about it. When the company [...]

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The Non-Giggle-Factor about the Ashley Madison Breach

  There is a giggle factor to the thought that 37 million people who proactively search out affairs could be exposed. However… once the giggle factor is gone, the truth is that this company was about to go public. Regardless of the direction your moral compass points, the sad fact is that a lot of people are about to lose a lot of money, sweat equity and potential wealth because they didn’t protect their platform and their company with proactive [...]