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What’s the deal with LifeLock?

I often get questions from friends and family about LifeLock, an identity theft protection service - what it's all about, whether I use it (I don't), how effective the LifeLock services are, etc. Ironically, about a week and a half ago, LifeLock agreed to pay $100 million (see here) for allegedly breaching a FTC order by: "Failing to establish and maintain a comprehensive security program to protect its customers' sensitive personal information, including Credit Card, Social Security, and bank account [...]

Understanding the legal repercussions of our cyber actions: Prosecutor invokes Sarbanes Oxley Act in accusing witness of obstruction of justice by deleting browser history

Every decision we make, every action or inaction, has the potential to harm individuals, employees, and their companies. When scanning media outlets, we are constantly inundated with breaking news about the next breach or the most recent corporate cyber blunder. Staying abreast of this ever changing landscape is critical for business executives. Layer 8 Security can keep you ahead of the curve. Interestingly, here is an article discussing an intentional deletion of a browser cache intended to hide someone's obstruction [...]