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“No Boom!”

Recently I spoke on a panel hosted by Valley Forge Military College’s Center for the Advancement of Security Studies (CASS) with three other distinguished gentlemen to discuss our country’s outlook on cyber warfare, terrorism and our country’s defenses. One comment made by yours truly got a bit more attention than I thought it would because to me and my colleagues, it’s an obvious statement, but to clients, media and others that we speak with on regular basis, it’s not as obvious. [...]

Breach Notification Laws Are Being Enforced

First HIPAA enforcement action for lack of timely breach notification settles for $475,000 In a landmark case, federal regulators have issued a $475,000 financial settlement and corrective action plan for Presence Health regarding its tardy notification for a paper records breach that affected approximately 800 individuals. The Director of the Department of Health and Humans Service's Office for Civil Rights (OCR), which enforces HIPAA, noted that companies "need to have a clear policy and procedures in place to respond to [...]

Cyber Risk Alerts are a critical component of your Cyber Risk Management Program!

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) have issued guidance as part of their mission to drive Cybersecurity awareness and compliance. The New York State Department of Financial Services announced its first state-level regulation for cybersecurity, which will be moving the country forward. While this legislation will apply to all companies in the financial industry, from Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) to Broker Dealers to Banks, this or similar legislation will ultimately apply to every [...]

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Layer 8 Security Presents at Rittenhouse Ventures’ Technology Leaders Forum

PRESS RELEASE Contact: Kat Jimenez, Sales and Marketing Assistant February 9, 2016 - The Navy Yard, Pennsylvania - Layer 8 Security presented at the inaugural Technology Leaders Forum hosted by Rittenhouse Ventures at their headquarters in Philadelphia. Chief Technology Officers and senior leaders within the Rittenhouse Ventures portfolio of companies attended the event to discuss the challenges and opportunities relating to technology. Following the theme of the forum, Layer 8 Security spoke about Data Security and covered the following [...]

Anti-money laundering (AML) requirements for Investment Advisers – what you need to know

The United States Treasury, through its Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has gone beyond publishing its notice of proposed rulemaking by imposing the Anti-money laundering (AML) requirements to both the opening and closing of the comment period, moving closer to implementation. When adopted, covered registered investment advisers (RIA’s) will be required to: File currency Transaction Reports (CTR’s) and maintain detailed records of the transmittal; Implement and AML program crafted for their particular use; File Suspicious Activity Reports(SAR’s), where applicable; and Become [...]