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Speeding Ticket Spear Phishing

There is a new email scam that hits close to home: fake speeding tickets! The Spear Phishing email appears to be a speeding ticket. Several people in Tredyffrin Township, Pennsylvania received the emails which appeared to be from a local police department. The email contained accurate driving information: date and time, speed, license number, street address. Even more frightening, the drivers were actually speeding on the date and time listed in the email. The email demands payment through an attached [...]

Police Pay Ransom

Looks like CNN’s prediction that 2016 will be ‘The Year of the Ransomware’ is coming true, and in spectacular fashion. Cyber criminals are targeting the most unlikely of victims: local U.S. police departments!  (   The attacks are based out of Eastern Europe. Since 2013 departments in seven states have reported attacks. NBC News reports that five Maine police departments were locked out of their records management systems last year. Departments in Alabama and New Hampshire were also breached, but [...]

Gone Phishing

      CNN has declared 2016 ‘Year of the Ransomware.’ In a recent report from Ponemon, 90% of US companies surveyed have been breached at least once. ( Criminal Phishing and Spear Phishing campaigns continue to be successful. They extort millions of dollars from government agencies, companies and non-profit organizations. Businesses need to know how vulnerable they are; and to define a metric, use internal Phishing campaigns to determine risk.   Companies are not disclosing specific internal phishing campaign [...]

How much does a cyber breach cost?

How much does a data breach actually cost? IBM sponsored the Ponemon Institute to research (the report can be viewed at and answer the question "What is the cost of a cyber breach in 2015?" The research encompassed over 350 organizations across 11 countries. The question is a complex one, with many interconnected factors such as: Size of the company: small, medium, large, enterprise Industry of the company: retail, healthcare, manufacturing, etc. Regulations that apply to the specific industry [...]

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Healthcare Data May Be Prime Target In 2015 : Is Your Data Safe?

By now, everyone has heard about the massive Sony hack that capped off a rather busy 2014, in terms of cyber attacks. It was extensive in scope and scale, in data compromised and information revealed. And while it was extremely high profile, there are much more tempting targets all around us. Put simply, healthcare information is in the cross-hairs. It is something each and every one of us has created. If you’ve gone to a doctor or been to a [...]

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