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Providing Cybersecurity Training to Ultra High Net Worth Executives

On December 6th, Kevin Hyde, Managing Director of Layer 8 Security was the guest lecturer at UBS Financial Services Inc.’s ultra high net worth individual meeting on cybersecurity. Kevin provided practical security training to using scenarios executives can imagine themselves in as they encounter their work and personal lives. The training detailed the nature of the current threat landscape, ways in which attackers gather information on targets, and the different methods used to exploit this information. Executives were also given [...]

Smarter Phones Lead to Smarter Hackers

Smartphones have opened a new world of connectivity, giving users unprecedented and unwavering access to the Internet at the touch of a button. It has been widely reported that the average smartphone owner checks their device around 85 times per day (I do it more than that ;-) ), and many claim that they need their phone to function normally within their work and social lives. Smartphones spread information and ideas in a faster way than was ever possible, but [...]

Massive Phishing Scam From a Surprising Source

By now you’ve likely heard about the nation-wide phishing scam that struck through what many consider a surprising source, Google Docs. What everyone down to the user level needs to keep in mind is that no avenue of attack is ever expected, but none should be surprising. If there is a way, any way, hackers and scammers can get you to let them in, they will exploit it. Awareness that any communication is a potential source of attack, and making [...]

This is why we preach ‘Layered Defenses’

As they say in the Intelligence Community, ‘our dear friends’ have shared some rather important news and it’s a big deal because you the human can do a lot to prevent the losses that are being yielded to the profiting cyber criminal groups. Ransomware is on the rise. This may come as a surprise to no one because this seems to match the headlines and murmurings that we in the business world hear all day. However this time your ears [...]

What can we learn from celebrity cyber attacks?

Celebrity hacks seem to dominate the news. These high-profile cases are illustrative of the kinds of scams we all need to be aware of.  For most of us, naked pictures are not likely what potential bad actors are after, but the methodology used by Mr. Majerczyk in this case was quite common; e.g. he used a phishing email to trick these celebrities into giving him their passwords. Phishing continues to be the top scam for hacking.  Please be cautious [...]

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Carrots and Sticks – Incentivized Cybersecurity Measures

The Economist argues that, "Incentives need to change for firms to take cybersecurity more seriously." Businesses need both carrot and stick with regard to cybersecurity measures. Yes, legislation will force companies to do the bare minimum; but leaders need to see the upside of creating a thorough cyber risk management program which will make sharing of cyber breaches and mistakes more palatable for corporate boards. A small investment in cybersecurity can pay huge dividends in the future. There are simple [...]

Week 3 – Recognizing and Combating Cybercrime

Cybersecurity must be viewed as a 'top-down' concern; when the executive team takes the time to highlight its Cyber Risk Management Program internally, team members are far more likely to recognize the significance of cyber-hygiene.  Viewed holistically, the entire company is more secure. Layer 8 Security preaches the significance of each individual’s on-line behavior as a critical aspect of producing a resilient team. As technology advances, the impact of cybercrime is becoming more costly and frequent.  Law enforcement, government, industry, [...]

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Week 1 – Every Day Steps Towards Online Safety with Stop. Think. Connect.™

Our National Cybersecurity Awareness Month series has begun and Week 1 is upon us. This week, the Department of Homeland Security is proffering their Stop. Think. Connect. campaign aimed at increasing the understanding of cyber threats and empowering the American public to be safer and more secure online. The goal we want to drive home is the cybersecurity is a shared responsibility; the more vigilant each one of us is individually, the stronger we are collectively. When we all employ [...]

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Back to School

BACK TO SCHOOL Back-to-school time is exciting for kids and parents alike. There is much to think about and anticipate when embarking on a new year and a new adventure. One crucial task you should be sure to tackle is protecting your online security. The need for tablet, laptop, and smartphone security is just as important as getting the right school supplies. Many of us at Layer 8 Security have kids and understand how easy it is to get caught [...]

Dialing for Personal Data Dollars

Understanding PII and Why Criminals Want It Series 1 of 6 Layer 8 Security wants our community to be safe with their personal information by playing it smart. Please pass this information along to co-workers, family and neighbors. These recommendations will benefit not only yourself but also your workplace. Cyber criminals want your personal data. It is money to them. Stolen data is bought from and sold to other cyber criminals from the black market. There’s a whole network of [...]