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Protecting Our Seniors from Scams: The Importance of Education and Awareness

Recently, a friend of mine called me with a problem: his elderly father in law that was living with him had his bank account hacked; nearly $10,000 had been stolen. Could we help? We couldn't retrieve the money, but we did take a look at his father's laptop. Sure enough, it was rife with malware and a key-logger had gotten his bank credentials. Unfortunately, our seniors are vulnerable to scams. These come both in the form of phishing emails or, [...]

From Cybersecurity to Scholarships: Giving Back

PRESS RELEASE Contact: Casey Lipson, Sales and Marketing Coordinator June 8, 2015 Exton, Pennsylvania - Jeffrey Lipson, Executive Director of Layer 8 Security, attended the Blue White Scholarship Foundation's tailgate at the Radnor Hunt Club on Saturday, May 16th. "Supporting the Blue White Scholarship Foundation is our way of giving back to the Villanova University community - having graduated from Villanova, I'm especially happy to be able to contribute to these students' success. Layer 8 Security is proud to [...]