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Could IPv6 Be A Boon For DDoS Attackers?

In my eyes, IPv6 is today what VoIP was in the early 2000's-that is, a protocol which, while it carries great promise, takes forever to gain critical mass. I recall many years where vendors would declare that "this was the year VoIP breaks out", only to hear it again from them a year later. IPv6 has been around for quite some time-I myself worked on government agency projects to make them IPv6 compliant back in 2009, and even today, IPv6 [...]

IoT can help manufacturing, but does it make you less secure?

When companies began to embrace the idea and the tech behind the Internet of Things (IoT), one area that stood to benefit the most was, and is, the world of manufacturing. Anyplace that relies on efficient operations to keep things flowing, and does so using a litany of systems, lends itself well to the burgeoning world of IoT. Imagine if all of your numerous systems are becoming much more easy to network and thus control online-it would be a godsend [...]

Serious iOS messaging bug can crash your iPhone

Everyone who uses an Apple device should be on the lookout for a new threat that can crash/reboot your device.  Users of Apple’s desktop and mobile operating systems are experiencing crashing computers, phones, and tablets across the internet.  This is caused by a bug in Apple's rendering engine of Arabic text when a message gets shortened. The text that will cause this can be seen in the image below: By the time you’ve received the malicious text, it’s probably too late. [...]