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Can A Good Defense Include…Offense?

When defending one's network resources, things like firewalls and other security appliances are envisioned. Putting walls up, both physical and virtual, to keep the bad guys out-that's the name of the game, right? What if it wasn't? People, and businesses, are hacked with regularity. Some hacks are harmless, some random person just probing things but without malicious intent. Others are testing and probing defenses, searching for a soft spot to exploit. And sometimes, you get the Sony hack that we've [...]

What Cyber Monday Means To Corporate Networks

It wasn’t that long ago where it was the exception, not the norm, to see most full time employees have Black Friday off. It meant instead of having employees take the day off, most got to enjoy a long weekend and some crazy shopping. Now, instead of just losing work on Black Friday, employers also need to be mindful of Cyber Monday-and not just for the lost productivity as employees hunt for the hottest online shopping deals. The online shopping [...]