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IoT can help manufacturing, but does it make you less secure?

When companies began to embrace the idea and the tech behind the Internet of Things (IoT), one area that stood to benefit the most was, and is, the world of manufacturing. Anyplace that relies on efficient operations to keep things flowing, and does so using a litany of systems, lends itself well to the burgeoning world of IoT. Imagine if all of your numerous systems are becoming much more easy to network and thus control online-it would be a godsend [...]

Secure Your SOHO Wireless Routers

This is another one of those things that, for the vast majority of IT professionals, ought to be second nature. When you get something new, with a default username and password...you change it. It's always my first order of business, next to changing the default IP addresses. Locking down any new network gear is imperative, because with user guides online, anyone can figure out the default access information. Need further proof of how bad being lazy can be, or added [...]