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The Summer of GDPR: Reflecting on the first 90 days

On May 25, the countries of the European Union entered into a brave new world. The sweeping new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into full effect. GDPR was hailed as a win for personal privacy when it comes to how a company handles your data, but as with any new laws, there is a period of adjustment. Companies may struggle to be fully compliant, either due to lack of preparation or a lack of comprehension. It’s worth a look [...]

Losses due to recent strains of ransomware; Option A= $62million? or Option B = $310million?

Both sound like bad options, but the choice is obvious. The recent reports of “Bad Rabbit” attacks have put ransomware top of mind in the cybersecurity world. Bad Rabbit is certainly not the first of its kind; in fact, it’s not even the first this year. The ransomware dubbed “Petya” was first discovered in 2016 and morphed into the still more dangerous “NotPetya” in March of 2017. NotPetya wreaked havoc for thousands of users worldwide, taking advantage of weaknesses in [...]

Bad Rabbit Did a Bad Bad Thing

New Ransomware Bad Rabbit is Wreaking Havoc Bottom Line Up Front: Preparation is your best friend to defend against Ransomware – get a backup system now for your company’s network and your personal computer On October 24th, the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team announced reports of a new ransomware infecting computers around the world. This attack is the third major international ransomware campaign in 2017 alone, with NotPetya and WannaCry preceding it. These fittingly ominous names represent the widespread damage [...]

What should you do right before you’re breached?

“I am convinced that there are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be.”         -Robert Mueller, Former FBI Director There is a simple first step to preparing your company for a breach at no cost. Malicious cyber techniques are becoming more and more sophisticated every day, and as they do, incident prevention becomes more and more difficult. The likelihood of experiencing a breach is higher than ever. Incident Response is a [...]

How Do We Protect Kids Online?

Top 5 Layered Defenses Parents and Small Schools Can Use to Protect Kids Online Recently we were featured on NBC for a story @KeithJones did on new online games and apps kids are using that puts them at risk. To further the flow of information, we also provide the following. At Layer 8 Security, our clients are other businesses to which we preach that a layered defense is the best method to either stop or minimize the damage from a [...]

Kevin Hyde Honored with Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2016 Veterans of Influence Award

PRESS RELEASE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Honoree Kevin Hyde and other members of Layer 8 Security attended Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2016 Veterans of Influence Awards on July 21, 2016 at The Ballroom at the Ben. The event was designed to recognize veterans who are influential in the Philadelphia business community. Layer 8 Security extends its congratulations to our Managing Director, Kevin Hyde and all Honorees of this prestigious award. His leadership, drive and enthusiasm play an invaluable role in shaping the company’s services, brand, culture and reputation. [...]

Layer 8 Security Presents at Rittenhouse Ventures’ Technology Leaders Forum

PRESS RELEASE Contact: Kat Jimenez, Sales and Marketing Assistant February 9, 2016 - The Navy Yard, Pennsylvania - Layer 8 Security presented at the inaugural Technology Leaders Forum hosted by Rittenhouse Ventures at their headquarters in Philadelphia. Chief Technology Officers and senior leaders within the Rittenhouse Ventures portfolio of companies attended the event to discuss the challenges and opportunities relating to technology. Following the theme of the forum, Layer 8 Security spoke about Data Security and covered the following [...]

Layer 8 Security Supporting Philadelphia Veterans at Union League’s Dining Out

PRESS RELEASE Contact: Casey Lipson, Sales and Marketing Coordinator December 11, 2015 Exton, Pennsylvania - Jeff Lipson, Executive Director of Layer 8 Security, and Dave Heilig, Software Solutions Director of Layer 8 Security, attended the annual Union League's Dining Out event at the Union League of Philadelphia. Proceeds from the event were donated to Philadelphia veterans. The guest of honor, pictured above with Jeff and Dave (left and right, respectively), was General Carter Ham, US Army (Ret). "It is an honor [...]

Networking Reception at The Union League of Philadelphia – October 21, 2015

Layer 8 Security and managed security provider, eSentire, are hosting a networking reception at The Union League of Philadelphia. To register for the event, visit See below for details!

Security Alert: Exton, Springfield and Delaware Valley Area Staples Stores Victim of a Cyber Breach

Staples has confirmed there was a cyber breach where 1.16 million credit cards were stolen from Staples stores in the U.S. In the immediate Delaware Valley area stores in Exton, Springfield, Whitehall, Philadelphia, New Hope, and more were compromised. For a full list of the stores that are affected click here What should you do? Review your personal and business bank and credit card accounts to see if a purchase was made from one of the affected stores during the [...]