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Let the Cyber Litigation Begin!

Cyber Insurance is squarely in the spotlight; the case of P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Inc. v. Federal Insurance Co. has been heard and could signal an onslaught of litigation between cyber insurers and policyholders. Chubb Ltd. will not be required to reimburse P.F. Chang's for costs charged the restaurant chain related to credit card processing in connection with a 2014 data breach under its cyber policy. For those interested in the details of the case and position Chubb proffered, here [...]

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You Are Only As Secure As Your Weakest Link

And, would you care to guess who your weakest link is, in terms of maintaining good security? According to a recent study, those folks most often tasked with keeping things secure for the enterprise, are also actually the ones most likely to cut corners themselves. When I saw that, I initially wanted to be stubborn and deny it was possible. But after a quick thought, I realized it was more than likely spot on. Think about it. When the company [...]

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