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The Summer of GDPR: Reflecting on the first 90 days

On May 25, the countries of the European Union entered into a brave new world. The sweeping new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into full effect. GDPR was hailed as a win for personal privacy when it comes to how a company handles your data, but as with any new laws, there is a period of adjustment. Companies may struggle to be fully compliant, either due to lack of preparation or a lack of comprehension. It’s worth a look [...]

Who Can See Your Texts?

With the encryption used on the iPhone in the recent San Bernardino attack (see this CNN article for background information), many are asking how safe their text messages and personal info are on their mobile devices. Most individuals have wondered at one point, "Where do my text messages go?" and "How long are they archived?" To start, there are two types of text messaging transmissions: Through traditional SMS systems, where messages are transmitted to cell towers before reaching their destination; Or through [...]

Long Awaited Cybersecurity Bill – CISA 2015

The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) of 2015 recently became law before the new year. The proposal, while controversial, has evolved into what amounts to Congress’s first major policy response to cyber attacks that have hit Target, Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase, and Sony Pictures, as well as government agencies. Information-sharing legislation has failed in Congress for years amid privacy advocates’ concerns about broadening the surveillance of U.S. citizens by giving more data to the National Security Agency, the government’s electronic surveillance department.  The privacy [...]

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Changes Making the News

Today, Snapchat, the popular social media mobile app that allows users to send instantly-destructible pictures and videos to friends, has been in the news (here, and here) because of recent changes to its Terms of Service (ToS) and Privacy Policy. Here are some key initial takeaways from this news event: Security changes matter to consumers -- and are getting due coverage. As a consumer, it's great to see these policy changes make the news. A couple years ago, it was unlikely that [...]

Like the wise man says, “We’ll see…”

Legislation has been talked about, and bills have hit the floor, but as of yet nothing that is impactful has really come through yet. From what we see in the field of cyber threats, warfare and crime, this bill doesn't promise to to anything groundbreaking, but it does allow for easier sharing of data. Because of that, it may just wield itself as a giant information database that requires sorting, filing and meta-tagging, which may be the niche industry that [...]

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