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How Do We Protect Kids Online?

Top 5 Layered Defenses Parents and Small Schools Can Use to Protect Kids Online Recently we were featured on NBC for a story @KeithJones did on new online games and apps kids are using that puts them at risk. To further the flow of information, we also provide the following. At Layer 8 Security, our clients are other businesses to which we preach that a layered defense is the best method to either stop or minimize the damage from a [...]

Identity Protection for Those Affected by the OPM Data Breach

Layer 8 Security specializes in improving the cybersecurity posture of companies big and small, but we also strive to protect individuals as well. In keeping with our "sheepdog" mentality, I want to broadcast some important information to individuals affected by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) data breach. If you were not one of the 21.5 million individuals targeted in the widely publicized OPM data breach announced this past June, there is a high chance that you are related to or [...]