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Most recent FTC ruling makes clear – All US Companies are required to implement and monitor an information security program

While HIPAA and PCI compliance are now part of our collective business vernacular, the majority of US companies still remain unaware of national information risk management standards. In specific industries, companies have accepted that they must fulfill the requirements of specific acts. From Critical Infrastructure to Healthcare, these fields now require cybersecurity as a function within their entities' risk management portfolios. Beyond, third-party vendors are required to sign Business Associate Agreements (BAA) that extend the scrutiny to an ever expanding [...]

What’s the deal with LifeLock?

I often get questions from friends and family about LifeLock, an identity theft protection service - what it's all about, whether I use it (I don't), how effective the LifeLock services are, etc. Ironically, about a week and a half ago, LifeLock agreed to pay $100 million (see here) for allegedly breaching a FTC order by: "Failing to establish and maintain a comprehensive security program to protect its customers' sensitive personal information, including Credit Card, Social Security, and bank account [...]