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This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Phishing Trip

One thing we've likely all gotten, is an email from some "rich Nigerian prince" offering us millions, in exchange for a little legwork or some such activity. The scam is old, but surprisingly effective. You wire them what seems like a pittance, for what you expect will be a major financial windfall on the return. Except that the phisher isn't a prince and doesn't have millions. But, they do have that untraceable money order you just sent them. That was [...]

Balancing Security And Customer Satisfaction

For those of us who perform any functions in cybersecurity, you know how much of a challenge it can be to strike a balance between needed levels of security and a happy customer base. The two are often at odds, considering that they are usually diametrically opposed. The CISO and his minions seek the utmost in security. Constantly changing passwords of a high complexity. Locked down VPN capabilities. Stringent standards for wireless networks. Strictly restricted device lists, in terms of [...]

Prevention Trumps Detection

Some of you may see that headline and consider me Captain Obvious, but it's worth saying regardless. For as many IT staffers out there prefer to take the approach of threat prevention and avoidance, there are still plenty  that are content to detect and remedy. And that method has a major flaw-detection time. While some security appliances do provide real time, or near-real time threat detection and reporting, deployment of such tools is not as common as, say, a wireless [...]

Are Hospital Hacks “The Next Big Thing”?

As 2014 winds down, there is little doubt that the hacking activity surrounding Sony is one of the top headlines of the year. That breach has caused tremendous amounts of disruption and loss, and a month after word of the hack first came out the company is still reeling. But, Sony is a big fat corporate target, and no hacker could ever really unleash that kind of Hell on an average user, right? Maybe. Maybe not. In this day and [...]

Lessons to be learned from Sony Hack

While many of us have spent the last few days enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday, most of the IT staff over at Sony Pictures have been living a nightmare. In case you missed it, Sony Pictures Entertainment suffered from a devastating hack earlier in the week, and word is that heading into this weekend, many facets of day to day business operations were still crippled. What does this mean for the average IT professional? First and foremost, it’s worth pointing out [...]

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