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IoT can help manufacturing, but does it make you less secure?

When companies began to embrace the idea and the tech behind the Internet of Things (IoT), one area that stood to benefit the most was, and is, the world of manufacturing. Anyplace that relies on efficient operations to keep things flowing, and does so using a litany of systems, lends itself well to the burgeoning world of IoT. Imagine if all of your numerous systems are becoming much more easy to network and thus control online-it would be a godsend [...]

Prevention Trumps Detection

Some of you may see that headline and consider me Captain Obvious, but it's worth saying regardless. For as many IT staffers out there prefer to take the approach of threat prevention and avoidance, there are still plenty  that are content to detect and remedy. And that method has a major flaw-detection time. While some security appliances do provide real time, or near-real time threat detection and reporting, deployment of such tools is not as common as, say, a wireless [...]

New threat is using job websites to spread malware

A new threat has been identified and is being carried out by using phishing and social engineering techniques to sneak malware into several businesses.  Sites like Careerbuilder have reported malicious documents in Microsoft Word format titled “resume.doc” or “cv.doc.” So how does this new attack work? When a resume is submitted, sites like CareerBuilder automatically send a notification email to the company that posted the ad, along with the resume attached to it. When the end-user opens the email and [...]