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VPN: Protecting the Business Traveler

Business travelers and anyone who frequent public WiFi hot spots are especially vulnerable to cyber attacks.  You never know who is also on the free WiFi, and what they might be doing. Eavesdropping for user data at these places is easy and can yield a treasure trove of information to a hacker. Businesses have been using Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for years; enabling employees to safely connect to the business network from a remote location. Company laptops are routinely supplied [...]

Telecommuting: Be Aware Of The Risks

Telecommuting. It’s a wonderful thing, if your organization permits it. Some places of business do, others do not, and the reasons vary greatly. Some executives feel they need to constantly see and physically account for their employees, while other leaders are confident that their employees will accomplish their duties, regardless of location. Some positions are more telecommuting-ready. Project managers and sales people, for example, often find themselves on the road, between client on-site meetings and the like. For roles like [...]