Feb 24 2019

The Beast is still out there… and it’s hungry

Nation-state actors are still on the prowl for intellectual property.

When Kevin Hyde and I left the National Security Agency to start Layer 8 Security, we had this mantra, “Defeat the Chinese, Russians, and others in Cyberspace.”

When we test marketed this idea, e.g. help business protect themselves from nation-state actors, we found an audience that, while concerned, was really not that interested. Compliance and regulatory help – now, that was a different matter.

While much of our work with customers is about compliance advisory, we must occasionally remind ourselves that state actor adversaries are still out there.

According to an article I read on CNN last week, paraphrasing CrowdStrike:

“Hackers in China have significantly stepped up attacks on US companies as the countries have clashed over trade and technology.

Top cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike saw “a big resurgence” last year in efforts by China-based groups to break into the systems of American business for commercial gain – a trend that “shows no sign of stopping,” said Michael Sentonas, the company’s vice president of security technology.

The spike in attacks on US targets – which include telecom operators, pharmaceutical firms and hotel chains – is “likely tied to increased tensions between the two countries,” CrowdStrike said in a report published Tuesday.”

Compliance is a great first step; however, as we often like to say, “Compliance does NOT always equate to security.” If I was on the Board or Leadership Team of a telecom, pharma, or hotel chain company, I’d probably be asking my CIO / CISO if they had enough budget right now.

(Image from Wikimedia Commons)