Jan 04 2017

The Importance of Application Penetration Testing

Industry is slowly adapting to the need to test applications for security – especially those companies in regulated environments. But not all have adapted to this new paradigm. I’m sure Quest wishes they had a done a more thorough job of testing their mobile app (http://fortune.com/2016/12/13/quest-diagnostics-data-breach-health/) when 34,000 of their users had their personal information stolen… Ugh.

The lack of proper testing is not just in the domain of industry however. Although most of us are never going to have to worry about counter-battery fire (a military term used in artillery), the illustration below is still indicative of just how important application security can be (https://www.crowdstrike.com/blog/danger-close-fancy-bear-tracking-ukrainian-field-artillery-units/).

Development can be expensive. Adding security in the creation process adds complexity, cost, and time. So too does thorough testing in the QA process. But can you really afford the aftermath of a poorly secured application being breached…?

Application penetration testing will reveal potential vulnerabilities in your applications. Find out and mitigate before your customer data is exposed.