Feb 01 2024

Two Local Providers Team Up to Provide End to End Cybersecurity Solutions

Philadelphia, PA – February 1, 2024 – Sycamore International, a locally-owned, sustainable IT asset disposition (ITAD) company and e-waste recycler, is proud to announce its partnership with Philadelphia-based company, Layer 8 Security a veteran-owned firm with experience at the NSA and US Cyber Command, which performs consulting and technical services that arm organizations with practical security, compliance, and privacy strategies.

As of February 1, Sycamore International will partner with Layer 8 Security to help customers implement a robust, end to end cybersecurity lifecycle for their organizations and IT assets.

“We see the trend of smaller companies being pushed faster and further to more cyber compliance and they need a consolidated approach, and easier reach to quality partners. We see our partnership with Sycamore as a competitive advantage,” says Jeff Lipson, CEO of Layer 8 Security. “This partnership with Sycamore will assist our clients through the last mile of cybersecurity – decommissioning their critical assets safely and sustainably.”

This is an effort to help companies simplify management of their cybersecurity needs and vendors. Companies struggle with too many vendors in the cyber and IT space and now local firms are making it easier to find more solutions in one place.

“It was clear from our first interactions that the team at Layer 8 Security shares Sycamore’s values of professionalism, attention to detail, and putting the customer’s needs first,” says Sycamore CEO Steve Figgatt. “That, combined with their technical prowess and commitment to the highest cybersecurity standards makes them a terrific partner for us. Sycamore has always prioritized data security when it comes to IT asset disposal; we know this new partnership will expand and strengthen the other cybersecurity resources available to Sycamore partners and put our customer in a better position to meet their cyber challenges.”

About Sycamore

Sycamore is a sustainable IT asset disposition (ITAD) company and e-waste recycler, empowering clients to responsibly dispose of used electronics using the industry’s highest standards for data security and sustainable business practices. Our fully integrated logistics chain and secure, zero-waste processing facility provide reliable and stress-free equipment disposals that reclaim financial value while minimizing environmental impact. Sycamore can recycle and refurbish as many as 50,000 electronic devices per month, serving as a single-source solution for corporations, schools, and governmental agencies. Operating with a net carbon-neutral process, we generate 100% of our electricity on site with our solar microgrid powered by an Iron Flow ESS Energy Warehouse™. All at our R2v3 and NAID AAA facility in West Grove, PA.

About Layer 8 Security

Layer 8 Security is a cybersecurity consulting, advisory, and technical services firm that arms organizations with practical security, compliance, and privacy strategies. Today’s business environment requires seamless integration with third-party vendors, clients, and partners. Layer 8 Security ensures your information ecosystem is secure, compliant, and resilient to the severity and frequency of a disruption resulting from a cyber-attack.

For more information on Sycamore and associated capabilities, please visit www.sycamoreinternational.com.

For more information on Layer 8 Security and associated capabilities, please contact us here: https://layer8security.com/