Apr 04 2024

Two National Security Firms Partner to Reduce Insider Threats and Provide Optimal Cyber Risk Defenses

MALVERN, PA (April 4, 2024) – Layer 8 Security, a nationwide cybersecurity firm, announces April 1 that it will be joining forces with Vaillance Group to provide enhanced cybersecurity services to the private sector.

The two companies will provide clients with a robust blend of services that enable Vaillance Group to evaluate the human element and assist in mitigating insider threats, and then establish with Layer 8 Security the defensive layers to secure and protect the network and its people from cyber threats.

The ‘8’ represented in Layer 8 Security is the human layer of cybersecurity. The company follows the mission of ‘keeping businesses in business’ by helping clients understand areas to focus on and how to address these areas in the future. This pairs perfectly with Vaillance Groups’ mission to detect and protect against the insider threat.

“Working together, Layer 8 Security and Vaillance Group will continue to offer clients adaptive training and cutting-edge solutions to get ahead of potential threats and protect valuable assets from ever-changing cybersecurity attacks,” says Jeff Lipson, CEO of Layer 8 Security. “Combining forces with Vaillance Group reinforces our mission of providing forward-looking security services that focus on proper integration between people, process and technology.”

Recognizing the majority of cases come from unintentional and negligent insider threats, Vaillance Group provides customized insider threat program development, detailed human risk assessments, and enterprise-wide awareness training. Vaillance’s cutting-edge educational courses and bespoke training programs empower organizations with advanced strategies and proactive measures to preemptively shield their assets from risks and anticipate potential threats, ensuring a fortified and secure future.

“This partnership will provide consumers with advanced cybersecurity options unique to their needs and enhance understanding of where companies should focus to avoid both direct and unintentional threats to their assets,” says Shawnee Delaney, Founder and CEO of Vaillance Group. “We know Vaillance Group and Layer 8 Security live by similar professional standards and are pleased to announce this collaboration between two leading security-focused firms.”

Please reach out to either Layer 8 Security or Vaillance Group to hear more about these offerings to increase your defenses and cyber compliance.

About Layer 8 Security
Layer 8 Security is a cybersecurity consulting, advisory, and technical services firm that arms organizations with practical security, compliance, and privacy strategies. Today’s business environment requires seamless integration with third-party vendors, clients, and partners. Layer 8 Security ensures your information ecosystem is secure, compliant, and resilient to the severity and frequency of a disruption resulting from a cyber-attack. For more information on Layer 8 Security and associated capabilities, please contact us here or visit our website https://layer8security.com/.

About Vaillance Group
Vaillance Group consults and trains worldwide for some of the world’s most recognizable organizations, helping equip businesses with the necessary arsenal to anticipate, confront, and neutralize Insider Threats. Our consultants are world renowned experts in the intelligence, cybersecurity, and insider threat space, with specialized experience in both private and public sectors. Vaillance Group provides counsel on insider threat vulnerability assessments, strategic program development, and guidance on the proper response of any potential attacks. For more information on Vaillance Group and associated capabilities, please contact us here: https://www.vaillancegroup.com/ .