Dec 04 2018

What are penetration testing services?

It seems that every day on the news another company has been breached and customers are in a bind. Chances are you’ve asked yourself, “how can I prevent that from happening to our customers?”. One of the best ways to minimize your risk of attack is by having your organization undergo routine and comprehensive penetration testing services.

When your organization undergoes penetration testing services, you are asking an outside firm to use any number of tricks and tools they might have to find vulnerabilities within your corporate network infrastructure. Customers can set the rules of engagement with a security firm, setting the parameters of the testing so that the firm knows what may or may not be off limits.

The penetration testing services will probe your systems for any sort of vulnerabilities or weaknesses that a bad actor might find and exploit. Some of these services are very high level, such as a quick scan. Other engagements become more involved with much more effort put into finding weaknesses and, in some cases, proving that data can be exfiltrated. A reputable security firm can assist in determining which level of testing makes the most sense for your company at that time.

While deciding to engage an outside security firm to perform penetration testing services is a good step, it is important to know it’s only one step in a vital ongoing process. Because threats and vulnerabilities are constantly evolving and changing, the cyber security landscape is too. What this means for your company is that you need to adhere to a plan that calls for consistent and regular penetration testing services. By implementing a penetration testing services regimen, you are helping protect your enterprise and your customers.

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